The Most Powerful Skulls In The Universe

We all know them.

We all love them. We’re all bound to them, and many of us celebrate them.

Our love for the skulls and in general, this symbol is stronger than ever before.

Mostly related to death and power, skull is used in the modern culture and provided a never-ending source of energy and inspiration. Numerous villains, heroes, demons and godly creatures wore this symbol one way or another. In both good and evil, the skull has always been present as a powerful symbol.

Today I’m listing the most powerful characters in today’s modern culture, coming from various sources: comics, movies, cartoons, and fantasy series. Some of them will be very familiar, yet others will definitely surprise you.

Here they are – the most powerful skulls in the universe!

I rated them from the weakest to the most powerful. Let me know what you think about the list, and would you set it up differently and how.

10. Crossbones


I’m starting with one big and nasty brawler. Originating in MARVEL universe, Crossbones (his real name is Brock Rumlow) is a former S.H.I.E.L.D. member, where he was an undercover HYDRA agent. This big guy can be described with one word – TROUBLE.

Originally Captain America’s foe, Crossbones wears the recognizable skull mask and crossed bones on his chest, has an arsenal of weapons on him every time, and his recognizable spring-loaded stiletto blades housed in his gauntlets.

9. Black Mask

Black Mask

#9 on this list is not as physically strong as #10, but he is far more dangerous for sure. He’s one of the Gotham City’s worst nightmares, and Batman himself hates when he has to deal with Black Mask henchmen and crime units. His characteristic weapons are automatic pistols and a big medieval sword.

Black Mask is one of the biggest kingpins in Gotham, known by his sadistic torturing, used to extract information and torment his victims and enemies. Cunning, smart, and always on the move, he hates Bruce Wayne and will do everything to make him suffer.

8. Skeletor


Did you know this one?

Skeletor is the Overlord of Evil, and a sworn enemy of He-Man, the action hero from the 80s. His main goal was to overthrow He-Man and his father from the throne in the Castle of the Gray Skull, which gives powers to He-Man.

He used various minions and magic, but failed in numerous attempts. Besides the big yellow skull, his mighty scepter and muscles were true symbols of antagonism to the main hero. I saw a guy wearing a shirt with this symbol on the last Comic-Con and I got so thrilled to see it.

7. Taskmaster


Matching this villain’s wit and power is a tremendous task because of the amazing ability this man possesses – he can mimic and duplicate anyone’s moves a few seconds after he sees it. That makes this guy a formidable foe for all the heroes out there.

Captain America had a tough time against him, and Deadpool had a troublesome encounter with him as well. His true identity is unknown, and he was on the good side for a while (worked as a trainer for many), but decided villainy is more attractive.

6. Red Skull

Red Skull

Johann Shmidt is the one of the most feared and deadly enemies of Captain America. Throughout the history, they battled dozens of times, and Steve Rogers managed to outclass him in hand-to-hand combat, tactics, and wit.

Born in Nazi Germany, Johann was trained by Hitler himself to become one of his strongest and most loyal officers, his right hand. He suffered the horrible face disfigurement by being exposed to the Dust of Death. His actions included a nuclear weapon, numerous innocent casualties, and a lot of terror. Among the various groups of people under his reign, Red Skull’s main helper is Crossbones.

5. The Punisher

The Punisher

Frank Castle isn’t an embodiment of the skull, but the skull is his central emblem, his logo, his sign. The Punisher is the one-man army and a severe badass character whose sole mission is to kill bad guys. Having experience with weapons of all sorts and no remorse for the human life, Punisher is the brutal avenger and a force to be reckoned with.

To understand how powerful and deadly this man is, I can gently remind you that there is a Marvel comic book issue named “The Punisher Kills Entire Marvel Universe”
Enough said.

4. Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider

Now we’re talking serious power.

Ghost Rider is an embodiment of Hell and demonic power, engulfed in hellfire. His transformation includes spikes and chains, and his iconic motorbike which looks fantastic and can perform incredible stunts which no other can. This involves riding on vertical surfaces, nearly flying, and speeds no vehicle is capable of.

Throughout the history, several people carried the role of Ghost Rider, and Johnny was the most powerful one. In particular period, he was strong as Hulk, or even stronger at times and is basically immortal.

3. Death Mistress

Death Mistress

Death will come to us all, and it will be in the form of a large skeleton, with shiny skull and black robe. This is the embodiment of mortality and extinction, and in the Marvel universe, Death is a woman character. She dwells in the Realm of Death and is a sibling of Eternity, Infinity, and Oblivion.

There were numerous connections and storylines involving this character, all involving a hero or a villain who’s enchanted with Death Mistress and would do anything to be with her. Deadpool is one of her sympathies, and Thanos the Mad Titan (that big purple guy who will be the main villain on the new Avengers movie) is on a conquest to kill universes to prove his love for Death Mistress. So, no joking around her.

2. Skull Knight

Skull Knight

More than 1000-year old horseman with glowing eyes, a massive sword, and incredible strength and speed, Skull Knight is a final adversary to the God Hand in the ultra-popular anime Berserk. He tricked death so many times, and lived for so long that he accumulated experience beyond anyone can imagine.

Very mysterious and quite aloof for the surroundings and events that happen around him, Skull Knight cares only about one thing – slaying demons. His furious steed helps him along the way, by galloping along vertical lines, over gigantic demon hands that try to slam him, and many more reality-bending situations.

1. Death (Darksiders)


Here we have the “slightly” more badass version of Death. Darksiders universe brings Death as one of the initial Four Horsemen, the Nephilim who were created at the beginning of the Universe. His sibling’s War, Strife, and Fury are no match for his power, speed, and agility.

Death rides on a summon bone horse named Despair, a horse engulfed in green flames, with the ability of dimensional travel. His signature weapon are dual scythes which Death can merge into one on devastating attacks and combos which annihilate his foes. Whenever Death from Darksiders slashes an enemy, the soul of the corpse is released and drawn to Death, making him stronger.

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