12 Unusual Owl Skull Tattoos

12 Unusual Owl Skull Tattoos

Creative and somewhat unusual these owl skull tattoos bring together two enduring tattoo subjects in one awesome design.

As hunters of the night, owls are an iconic nocturnal animal and have a vast array of symbolism associated with them. Many today see owls as a symbol of wisdom and intellect, and people often choose owl tattoos in light of this. Interestingly owls have another, darker, symbolism that dates back centuries to a number of different cultures. The Algonquin Indians of North America, Peruvian Chimu in South America  and ancient Egyptians saw the owl as a messenger of death and conductor of souls. Such symbolism is likely to be the inspiration for owl skull tattoos!

Owl skull tattoos bring together two classic tattoo images in a dramatic and striking design. More often than not the skull is tattooed as part of the owl, usually its stomach, although occasionally the owl is carrying a skull in its claws. A beautiful take on owl tattoos these owl skull designs have a deathly feel that creates some awesome body art.

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