Awesome Skull Designs You Never Seen Before – Bruce’s List

Ah, the beauty of the Internet.

I’m so amazed with all the stuff I’m discovering almost every single day. There are so many creative people out there, and they make ecstatic and incredible art.

From every corner of this planet, a group of skilled and ultra-imaginative people inspires and deepens the level of power and strength that a simple emblem of the skull can bring to our lives.

When a day like this happens, I get so pumped.

Today I list you some of the most unique and fantastic designs I found in the recent times, featuring artists from all over the world.

Check them out!

Awesome Skull Designs From Across The Globe



This image brings an incredible perspective to a skull design and provides an insightful view to the interior of the human body. The detail on the jaw and its form suggests the deafening emotion while the organs on the back drive you to the realm of mystery. Sick design, I must say.

2. Untitled By Zdzisław Beksiński

Untitled By Zdzisław Beksiński

Mr. Zdzislaw was a fantastic contemporary artist from Poland. He left a staggering collection of Fantastic Realism photography and art, and this Memento Mori depiction brings eerie yet alluring sensation. Both intriguing and frightening, this design can be depicted and understood in a thousand ways. How do you see and understand this one?

3. VANITAS By Tom French

VANITAS By Tom French

Surreal, intriguing, and attention-grabbing. That’s how I’d describe this painting from Mr. French. Like all of his paintings, Vanitas contains so much more than simple three skulls. When you take a closer look, there’s a ton of symbols and people that you can find on them. Absolutely stunning and incredible. I already imagine myself and much more people with a shirt with this design.

4. Au Revoir

Au Revoir

This incredible design dates from 1905-1910. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!

The artist depicted two women in a casual conversation, added a small tree in the background following a small set of what appears to be fences of homes (or yards) and surrounded the entire concept to make a perfect-looking skull. Amazing.

5. Salvador Dali’s Skull Made Of Women

Salvador Dali’s Skull Made Of Women

One of the greatest artists of our time, Salvador Dali, was fascinated by skulls during his age and visualized this incredible concept while he was working on another project. The original design emerged in 1951, and it was remade several times. It still turns heads through its bold visualization and usage of nudity.

6. Memento A-Mori By Matteo Pugliese

Memento A-Mori By Matteo Pugliese

Here’s something you don’t see everyday. The artist behind this incredible sculpture got inspired by Salvador Dali’s work. The original idea sparkled a vision in Mr. Pugliese’s mind, and he created a sophisticated sculpture showcasing love and death in this remake. You definitely can’t stand aloof looking at this one. I’d love to have it on a shelf in my house, how about you??

7. Peter Paul Rubens’ “The Battle Of The Amazons” (1600) (Mr. K Tattoo Reminiscent)

Peter Paul Rubens

Here we have a fantastic design, depicting an iconic, basically immortal piece of art called “The Battle of the Amazons.” Embedding this into a skull takes courage and some serious skill, especially when you think about the canvas used. I can definitely see myself with a shirt with this design on it. How about you??

8. “All Is Vanity” (1892) Repurpose In A Tattoo (Niki Norberg)

All Is Vanity

The original idea behind this piece of art was a contemporary design from the 19th century, created by Charles Allan Gilbert. The new form is modern, a bit more emotional and soothing while retaining the original theme. The girl in the skull is gentle and symbolizes beauty and relationship while the whole concept combines very well.

9. Paul Hollingworth’s Vision Of Skulls – “Artificial Anatomy”

Paul Hollingworth’s Vision Of Skulls

Here we have a futuristic and completely unique approach to skull design. After watching this image for a while, I’m not sure how Mr. Hollingworth managed to create this optical illusion. Either there was some incredible post processing involved, or we’re looking at some kind of magic here!

10. G. The Freak And His/Her Skull Design Perfection

G. The Freak And His/Her Skull Design Perfection

Neither a tattoo or a symbol, this image brings a powerful message – we can all agree. It combines a lot of powerful and robust symbols while retaining the simple concept. The eye in the mouth brings focus to the middle, while the sharp details all around the image boost the overall sensation. Imagine it on a hoodie, unique and perfect, only you wearing it. Fantastic.

11. Rhino Skull By Ivan Kamargio

Rhino Skull By Ivan Kamargio

Uniqueness, power, and imagination. The three words that come to my mind watching this design. The Mexican artist Ivan Kamargio brought this idea to life and expressed raw power of rhinoceros merged with a skull. The level of detail and uniqueness it brings is surreal, and the concept of surrealism emphasizes combinations like that, but not with something like a rhino. That’s what makes it unique and exceptional.

This Is It For Today, Folks!

I hope you enjoyed the list I made, and that it was fun at least as it was for me to create it.

What do you think of this list? Which skull is your favorite? Make sure to let me know!

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