5 Things Every Skull Enthusiast Should Know

Hey, today I want to share something interesting with you – stuff that every serious skull lover should know.

There is so much more behind the skull emblem, from the ancient history to today’s urban/biker/death/metal theme in design.

Perhaps you just discovered this and realized it is cool. Perhaps you are a devoted skull lover, with dozens of items and unique approach to fashion and style.

Regardless, learning about skulls will make you a sophisticated connoisseur of the symbol.

A true expert.

Here are the facts every skull expert should know:

1. Skulls Became Popular In Recent History Through Mexican Dia De Losmuertos

5 Things Every Skull Enthusiast Should Know

The Day of the Dead is celebrated on the 1st and 2nd November. The festivities start exactly at midnight on the last day of October.

Sugar skulls are decorated and embedded with names of loved ones, in the ritual of honouring the dead.

2. Among The Most Assumed Meanings, Skulls Represent Freedom

Skulls Represent Freedom

When skulls are mentioned in the modern culture, first things that come to mind are correlated with death.

On the contrary, skull brings the representation of personal or collective freedom from parental oppression, mass media influences, and political agendas.

For those who don’t connect skulls to macabre, danger, or general toughness /machismo, skulls represent change, rebelliousness, transformation, and luck.

3. Throughout The History, All Badass/Tough Guys Had The Skull Label

Skull Label

Since the age of pirates, WWII air fighter & bomber squadrons, to biker gangs and modern military squads, the skull represents an insignia of being tough.

Regardless of the cause, having a skull in your style will connect you to these markings. Are you up for it?

4. In The Realm Of Mysticism And Magic, Skulls Represent Power And Transformation

Skulls Represent Power And Transformation

For many cultures around the world, death isn’t the end of life. In fact, it is merely the next step in the story, after which there are numerous other paths to take.

The correlation with death and afterlife is just one perspective for the skull. The world of unknown, mystic, and unnatural brings a different perspective to the skull.

If you’re into mysticism and want to represent yourself like that, a subtle skull element in your style will definitely draw attention, especially if you’ve been through a transformation of some sort.

5. Punk & Rock Culture Symbolism

Punk & Rock Culture Symbolism

If you’re a part of this movement, you already know everything about the relationship with skulls and rockers. Being an ultimate symbol of rebel culture, skull demonstrates a big F*CK YOU! to everything labelled as common, or as people would like to say, “normal”. Not to mention the tattoos.

From punk and hard core to death metal, every skull lover in the genre demonstrates uniqueness, freedom of will, and cockiness.

What Is Your Story??

I’d really want to know what the skull means to you.

Why do you love it?

What’s your favourite design?

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Bruce “Crazy Metal(Skull)Head” Parker

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